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Zephyr Series Product Guide


Z-3 Console configured with (3) 4U turrets

Zephyr desks are available on our "10 Day Quick Turn” program. We can ship your desk in any finish selection within two weeks of receipt of order. 

Zephyr: “the west wind” is a furniture based console system that supports a number of technical applications with a variety of modular options. We totally re-designed and refined this product line from the bottom up. Zephyr consoles start as stand-alone desks in four standard sizes. Of course, we can customize the surface shapes and apply your choice of finishes. 

Zephyr is a simple and elegant solution for a variety of tasks. The optional, electric lift base is whisper quiet and programmable. Recall your favorite “sit-stand” settings with just the touch of a button. The robust lift capacity is 275 lbs.

All Zephyr desks offer ample cable management, an accessory track for mounting ergonomic monitor arms and perfect speaker placement. Computers can be easily mounted to either leg extrusions or under the desk surface.


Standard Sizing

There are four standard widths available. All feature an accessory rail, cable and power management.  Optional turret placement can be pre-ordered left, center, right or we can provide the turret opening and filler panels to enable you to easily configure or move the turrets to your desired location.


Zephyr standard top sizes


Zephyr section view


Zephyr base options

Zephyr base options

Zephyr base details (exploded view)

Zephyr base details
(exploded view)

Custom Sizes

We can do a variety of shapes with custom widths and depths.  For lengths greater than 100”, we need to add a center, intermediate leg with a shorter foot.  Longer tables with the additional intermediate legs can also include the electric lift option (up to 12’).

Finish Options

Surface Options include High Pressure Laminate (standard) or (optional) Corian or Linoleum.

Standard laminate and linoleum tops have a black, vinyl, “teardrop” edge molding. Corian Tops have a monolithic, full edge profile.

Base Options

Zephyr bases provide rigid stability.  Bases are available as “standard” and “electric lift”. Either base can also be configured with wheels.

The bases include a chassis with three inch side grommets for running data and power into and out of the console. The chassis assembly also has an integrated, steel cable trough to manage and hide cables while providing easy access.

Turret Options

Turret depths are equal. They are interchangeable!  (6 unit turrets require additional depth.)

New Turret Feature!

Now with a Brush Grommet cable pass-thru for easy cable routing!

Equipment turrets are easily removable for replacement and upgrades. 

Zephyr turret options

Zephyr turret options

6 U (Requires larger opening) 4 U Flat top 4 U 3 U

Zephyr base options

desk and turret detail

Desk and turret detail

Zephyr (Typical Installation)

Zephyr (Typical Installation)

Zephyr (exploded view)


Laguna Designs offers many accessories to increase the versatility and usefulness in our consoles and desks.

We have available:

Monitor Stands, Speaker Mounts, Monitor Arms, Rack Enclosures, CPU holders, Keyboard Trays and more…

Accessories shown: 


  • Rolling Monitor Stand

  • Under Counter 12 Unit Rolling Rack

  • Slide-out Keyboard Tray

  • Under Desk CPU Holder

  • Pole Mounted Articulating Speaker Supports

  • Interchangeable Equipment Turrets

  • Radial Monitor Arms


See our Accessories Page for more options and details.

Zephyr (exploded view)
Zephyr Connect
Zephyr Connect

Zephyr Connect line drawings

Connected Zephyrs can have electric lift bases (with three lifting columns up to 12’).  Several configurations are available, including angled configurations.

Z-3 with 2 turrets, mixer and switcher

Z-3 with 2 turrets, mixer and switcher

Z-3 Bare (no turrets)

Z-3 Bare (no turrets)

Zephyr Connect with desk top turrets

Zephyr Connect with desk top turrets

Custom Zephyr

Custom Zephyr with cut-outs for a mixer, small switcher and 6U desk top turret.


Zephyr components can be connected together with a continuous work surface to create multi-position consoles. This is a great solution where cable management, power distribution and an accessory rail are required, but there is no need for integrated rack space below the console surface.

Console surfaces and edge profiles are uninterrupted.

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