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Accessories to complement your custom consoles

The essential extras that help you work efficiently

New Product! 
Power Distribution Panel: AC- LD 1U DIST

The AC- LD 1U DIST is a 1U high power/charging rack-mounted plate with customizable ports. The Front of the plate contains two (2) Power Sockets (12A total Power), two (2) USB keystone couplers, and six (6) additional blank/customizable ports (comes with six covers for blank ports).  All 8 (eight) ports can be easily customized in the field using different types of connectors/cables, and are compatible with both XLR and Keystone snap-in connectors.

The Rear of the plate consists of an additional power socket and a single power chord that powers the entire Plate.

In addition to the Power Plate, an order comes with eight (8)Magnetic Labels, eight(8) blank port covers, two (2) USB cables & Couplers (keystone type), and a USB charger.

Product Dimensions, Imagery, and link to "snap-in" connector assemblies compatible with the ports are included below!

full view ALT.png
Laguna Render (Altinex Product).png
app diagram.png
Tech Specs (1).png

Monitor Arms, iPad Holders & Speaker Platforms

7000 Series Radial Monitor Arm - 24” reach, available with three weight ranges.   

900 Series Pole Arms - Single Tier Pole LCD arm with 14" reach. Dual Tier arm with 28” pole, 14" reach.

iPad Holder - Black, SPA-P pole-mounted arm.

SPA-P - Articulated speaker platform, pole-mounted (sold in pairs). 

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Power and Data Strips


L12-LED - Red/White LED gooseneck lamp.

TMP 155C - Tilt-up, grommet with 2 USB and 2 Edison Plugs (can be mounted in console surface or filler turrets)

PS - Power Strips, available in 15- or 20-amp versions, Edison or L-520 twist lock. 

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Support Systems

MS - Monitor Stands, support up to 65” monitors. Custom carts are available.

UCR - Under Console Racks, 12 RU high, 24-30” deep. Also available: custom sizes and tops, including slanted audio Patch racks. UCR

CPU - Universal Computer Holders, for leg mounting or under console, slide out access.

For additional innovative solutions, check out our Custom Fabrication capabilities!

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