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Expert Installation

The finished project –
installed by the pros who built it


As the famous Yogi Berra saying goes, “it ain’t over till it’s over.” And at Laguna Designs, it isn’t over until your newly constructed project is carefully installed and functioning to perfection.

We don’t hand the project over to a third-party installer. In most cases, the same personnel who fabricated your project will deliver it in Laguna Designs-owned vehicles (we’re a D.O.T. registered motor carrier).

Every element is carefully wrapped and transported in our fully-insured trucks which meet California and federal standards for interstate commerce.

Upon arrival, your Laguna Designs technicians will complete the installation and ensure that everything works according to plan. Whether it’s a control room, edit bay, mission critical or A/V application, your team will be able to hit the ground running with their comfortable, efficient, and spiffy looking new technical furniture.

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