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Echo Series Product Guide

Base Options

Modular Base Units: one- five bay assemblies. Each Bay is 20 1/8” Wide.

Modular Turret Options

Image 3 (Turret) - Echo Product
More Accessories can be found below
Image 4 (Acc) - Echo Product Guide.png

Introducing our newest Broadcast Product Line- “Echo” Series Consoles – A hybrid solution that incorporates design features and accessories from our 2 best console solutions for Broadcast_ NOC_ Trading_ Front of House and Editing applications.


  • Fully Modular Components

  • Durable Welded Tube Steel Construction

  • Compact-Sleek design  


Image 1 - Echo Product Guide.png
Image 2 (Bases) - Echo Product Guide.png

Turrets can be placed and moved anywhere along the width of the console bases.  No tools are required.  Custom Options are available

Console Surface Options and Edge Treatment Options

"Balanced" Composite tops are 1 1/8" Particle board with phenolic backer and choice of Laminate

Image 5 (Surface Options) - Echo Product

Console Surface options include: Laminate, Thermofoil, Solid Surface, Linoleum, and 3-Form Chroma acrylic.


22" Height Range - "Piezo" Safety controlled lifts.  Effortless and Silent. 

Image 6 (Televating) - Echo Product Guid
Image 7 (tele 2) - Echo Product

Sample Configurations

Blizzard 2.jpg
Image 9 (Sample 2) - Echo Product Guide.
Echo Rack Depth.png
Image 10 (FIg Iso view) - Echo Product G
Image 11 (Fig conyrol room) - Echo Produ
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