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Delta Series Product Guide

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Our DELTA system is a fully modular console system that offers the most comprehensive range of configuration options available. 

As technology evolves, our consoles can be easily re-configured. By using state of the art design tools and CNC manufacturing, we can create or recreate a broad selection of options to support our customer’s current and future requirements. All of our designs are based on parametric relationships between assemblies. 

Our welded steel frames are far stronger and more durable than stamped sheet metal or riveted assemblies. We can fabricate all console bases in aluminum for use in vehicles and transportable applications.


A broad range of finish options and a clean, functional design provide a custom aesthetic for any technical environment.

Console Bases


Start with a Base Style...
We offer both a “Pedestal Base” and a “Floor Base” in three interior depths: 18”, 22” and 24”. Bases ship with blank panels.  Base frames are welded tubular steel.

We also offer “Skeleton Bases” when and where you don’t need the under counter rack space. It has identical cable management and power distribution as our standard bases.


Cabinet “base extenders” are also available for extra-deep equipment.Optional rear rail in console bases is available on request.




Bases are available as: 1-Bay, 2-Bay, 3-Bay, and 4-Bay modules. Each Bay is 20 1/8" wide. Cabinet “base extenders” are also available for extra deep equipment. Optional rear rail in console bases is available on request. DWG CAD BLOCKS available to Dealers.










Wedge Modules are available in either standard or custom angles. Optional rear rail in console bases is available on request. 








DWG CAD BLOCKS available to Dealers 

Pedestal & Floor Base
Skeleton Base
Cabinet Base Extenders
DWG CAD BLOCKS available to Dealers
Standard & Custom Wedge Modules
DWG CAD BLOCKS available to Dealers

Turret Selection

We can customize “desktop” turrets in many configurations.
Turret options available
Turret options

Some of our turret options

All turrets are interchangeable and can be placed anywhere along the base assemblies. Our Turrets are constructed with durable, High Density Polyethylene. There are no edges for rack mounted equipment to snag, scratch or de-laminate. Rear grommets provide easy and ordered access to cable management and power distribution for monitor arms or ancillary gear. Taller turrets have an additional mounting rail for monitor arms and accessories.

Console Surfaces and Edge Profiles

Finish options include:

  • Laminate

  • Solid Surface

  • Linoleum

  • 3-Form Chroma acrylic

See more at our Finishes page »

Edge profiles available
Compare edge profiles


Delta console with options
Exploded View Delta Console

USB/ Edison Grommets, Dual Monitor arms, and Custom Inserts and features are also available. See our Accessories page for more information.

Console surfaces are supported by cantilevers which are attached to the structural front rail of the console and can be positioned anywhere to accommodate future cut-out requirements or other modifications.

High Pressure laminate with molded-vinyl edge treatment is standard. We offer an optional full profile bullnose in either solid surface or exotic hardwoods.

Custom Support structure and wedges support openings for switchers, remote camera controllers and ancillary items. 

Some of our available accessories:

  • Monitor Arms

  • Speaker Stands

  • LED Lighting

  • Power & Data Access

  • Side Panels

  • Console-dependent Monitor Grids

Delta Console
Delta Optional Accessories
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