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 Delta Accessory Monitor Arms Selection, 7000 Series 24" Radial Monitor Arm, 900 Series Arm - Single Pole & Dual Pole, Ipad Holder, SPA-P Pole Mounted Articulated Speaker Platform Pair


7000 Series – 24” Reach, Radial Monitor Arm (available with three weight ranges)

900 Series - Single Tier 14” Pole LCD arm with 14" reach, Dual Tier arm with 28” Pole has 14" reach,

I Pad Holder- Black & SPA- P - Pole mounted arm.

SPA-P- Pole mounted, articulated speaker platform (sold in pairs) 

 Delta Accessory Power and Data Access Selections, L-12 LED Goose Neck Lamp, TMP Tilt Up Grommet with Plugs USB and Edison, PS Power Strips 15 or 20 amp, with Twist Locks Available

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L12-Led- Red/White Led gooseneck lamp (the perfect toy)

TMP 155C- Tilt up, grommet with two USB and two Edison Plugs (can be mounted in console surface or filler turrets)

PS- Power Strips available in either 15 or 20 amp versions, Edison or L-520 twist lock. 

 Laguna Designs Material Support Accessory Selection, MS Monitor Stands, Under Console Racks, CPU Computer Holders Leg Mount or Under Console - Slide Out Access

MS- Monitor Stands support up to 65” monitors. Custom carts are available.

UCR- Under Console Racks (12 RU High 24”-30” Deep) Custom sizes, and tops are available including slanted audio Patch racks.

CPU- Universal Computer holders for either leg mounting or under console, slide out access.

Please check out our Custom Fabrication capabilities for more innovative solutions!