KILO Product Guide

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KILO consoles are designed as a “ready to assemble” system that ships knocked down, and is easy and efficient to put together. Kilo offers ample cable management and power distribution in a furniture based solution that is highly customizable.

Kilo is available in standard and custom sizes with a variety of configuration options. Without obstructing knee space the “K” leg design shape provides simple, solid support and an unobstructed pathway for cable and power management. 

Standard Sizing

Three standard workstation desk widths are available as flat or equipment ready consoles. Turret placement is optional anywhere between the legs. Console work surfaces options include Laminate, Solid surface and Linoleum. 

Design Configurations

Custom shapes and sizes are available through our “Kilo Connect System”.  Extended lengths are facilitated with the addition of our “K” intermediate leg that has a reduced 18” foot runner for clearance. Corners are executed with the use of our “K-Corner” leg.  These component parts make it possible to produce a vast array of Kilo possibilities for small and large projects; Control rooms, Operation Centers, Security monitoring and similar applications. 


Each Kilo desk is constructed of a sturdy base assembly complete with power and cable management, and a 1.2” thick work surface that supports turrets, the accessory rail and grommet pass through.  The K-leg comes standard with a 30” foot runner and adjustable levelers. 

Base Assembly

Each base assembly consist of K-Legs that are bridged together using a formed 16 gauge steel chassis. The chassis serves as a pathway for cables as well as a platform for power distribution.

Turret Options

Equipment turrets are interchangeable removable for easy replacement and upgrades. (6 unit turrets require additional depth.) 

Turret Examples.png

6 U (Requires larger opening)                                4 U Flat top                                                        4 U                                                               3 U


New Turret Feature!

Now with a Brush Grommet cable pass-thru for easy cable routing!


Laguna Designs offers many accessories to increase the versatility and usefulness in our consoles and desks. 
We have available: monitor stands, speaker mounts, monitor arms, rack enclosures, CPU holders, keyboard trays and more… Please see our accessories page for more options. 

Finish Options

Surface Options include High Pressure Laminate (standard) or (optional) Corian or Linoleum. 
Standard laminate and linoleum tops have a black, vinyl, “tear drop” edge molding. Corian Tops have a monolithic, full edge profile. 
Please see our finish page for more options: