Finish Selections

 We offer the broadest range of finish options available to customize your project. Please keep in mind that equipment turrets and interior surfaces are, by default, finished in non-reflective matte black. The default finish on our extruded aluminum components is clear anodizing, but we can offer black or a custom finish on request. 

We have included some basic samples of neutral colors that are popular for broadcast and video editing environments as suggestions along with links to our major suppliers for you to peruse. 

Suggested Laminate Options:

(For Console Surfaces and/or Side Panels)

(Images below are hyperlinks to larger hi-resolution pages.)

More Laminate Choices: 


We now offer an in-house Thermo-forming Membrane process  to offer contoured surface profiles eliminating the need for T-molding, edge-banding, visible seams and special edge treatments. A monolithic look.

 Our 'Full Edge Profile" with any compound curves in Thermofoil colors.   A beautiful, monolithic look in a durable, scratch resistant surface. 


LINKS to Thermofoil Finishes:  For Beautiful and Unigue wood grains.  For Durable Solids

 Fashion gray is light neutral solid colored gray design

"Lamp Post" Omnova Surf X

Non Laminate Options:

We offer acrylics,  Solid Hardwoods, Finished Veneers, and Solid Surfacing

Edge Profiles:

Edge profiles Provide both an ergonomic and aesthetic transition to the console surface. They also absorb the wear from chair arm rests, carts and general traffic. When considering an upgrade to our beautiful “full edge profile”, we strongly recommend either renewable, solid surface or hardwoods that do not require stain and lacquer finishing that is costly and difficult to maintain and repair. 


Solid Surface Suggested Options:

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More Solid Surface Choices:

DuPont™ Corian® Solid Surfaces Make Creative Visions Real 

Hardwoods Suggested Options:

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Please check out our Custom Fabrication capabilities for more innovative solutions!